The Redling may be the lowest level Fire type creature, but it has the potential to become some very useful and effective monsters. Because the Redling has no effect it is a bad idea to keep it in your deck the further you progress in levels. If you are keeping it in your deck, it is best to evolve the Redling soon, as it can acquire, depending on your personal preference, an effect best suited for your deck.


The lowest living class in the lowest level of Flaming Hell.





Evolve toEdit

Hell Scout, Redling Guard, Redling Shaman

Upgrade CostEdit

Lv1 Upgrade
Gold 700       Rune 0 

Lv2 Upgrade
Gold 1400      Rune 0

Lv3 Upgrade
Gold 2800      Rune 5

Evolve CostEdit

Lv1 Evolve
Gold           Rune

Lv2 Evolve
Gold           Rune

Lv3 Evolve
Gold           Rune