Thought a lower level Fire monster Fire Spirit comes equipped with an effect that helps it to do increased damage against a weaker element. For starters, the Fire Spirit can be kept in the deck fore several levels without out being forced to switch it or evolve it because of its effect.

Fire SpiritEdit

Fire Spirit born from a match fire. Don't you know that you can set whole
forest on fire with a small spark?






Attribute Victorious Rout
Inflicts additional 10 damage when victorious with better attribute.

Evolve toEdit

Vengeful Spirit Armor, Incomplete Golem

Upgrade CostEdit

Lv1 Upgrade
Gold 700       Rune 0

Lv2 Upgrade
Gold 1400      Rune 0

Lv3 Upgrade
Gold 2800      Rune 5

Evolve CostEdit

Lv1 Evolve
Gold           Rune

Lv2 Evolve
Gold           Rune

Lv3 Evolve
Gold           Rune