Blue Tribe, one of the weakest in its class, but within it is a lot of potential for to make a strong deck. Seeing as how the Blue Tribe does not possess an Effect, it would be wise to evolve soon as possible or switch out for a stronger card if at all possible. Even still the Blue Tribe can serve its purpose in a players deck if used in conjunction with other cards.

Blue TribeEdit

Water warrior tribe that dwells in the Ice Valley





Evolve toEdit

Hand Axe Infantry, Blue Tribe Zombie, Little Yeti

Upgrade CostEdit

lv1 Upgrade
Gold 700       Rune 0 

lv2 Upgrade
Gold 1400      Rune 0

lv3 Upgrade
Gold 2800      Rune 5

Evolve CostEdit

Lv1 Evolve
Gold           Rune

Lv2 Evolve
Gold           Rune

Lv3 Evolve
Gold           Rune